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TWENTIES results event (Madrid, 22nd May 2014)

REE, as project coordinator, organised an event in Madrid on the 22nd May 2014 where project results were shown. It was also possible to follow the event on live web stream.

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ENTSO-E workshop (Toledo, 30th September 2013)

Twenties project planned an economic impact assessment workshop with ENTSO-E R&D Committee members in Toledo (Spain).

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Regulation workshop (Florence, 16th September 2013)

7th TWENTIES Workshop took place at Florence School of Regulation on September 16th, 2013. The aim of this workshop was to identify the actuations and barriers to define a new Regulatory Framework for large scale wind energy integration in the grid.

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TWENTIES final conference (Brussels, 11th June 2013)

During this event participants had the chance to learn more about TWENTIES and its results. Members of TWENTIES showed the technological challenges solved on each of the six demonstrations and also the added value based on assessable impacts studies.

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How to enhance network flexibility by combining dynamic line ratings, phase-shifting transformers, HVDC links, PMUs and WAMS? (Brussels, 6-7th May 2013)

Within Twenties, NETFLEX demo have developed new technologies to deliver a more accurate monitoring of the system capabilities and a tighter control of the flows, which together enable planning the grid more aggressively on a daily basis.
This demonstration event has presented the approach on the day-ahead congestion forecast process developed and tested at CORESO and also to assess its performances on real cases.

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Multi-terminal DC networks (Lille, 3rd April 2013)

"How can a low scale mock-up help designing future multi-terminal DC networks?" is the title of the live demonstration event that will take place in Lille to show the solutions developed under DEMO 3 lead by RTE in the Twenties project.

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Power Hub VPP demonstrations day (Copenhagen, 24th January 2013)

You are invited to a demonstration day, where the Twenties demo2 project will present the full potential of the Virtual Power Plant technology. The future energy system must be able to control energy consumption in way that, firstly, satisfies the primary purpose of consumption, e.g. producing vegetables, pumping water or cooling office buildings etc., and, secondly, takes energy prices and the availability of clean renewable energy in the system into account. This is what the VPP does – planning energy generation and consumption in the most economical way feasible. You will experience a series of presentations and live demonstrations of the different opportunities the technology has to offer. The solution is developed under DEMO 2 lead by DONG Energy in the Twenties project.

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TWENTIES project - Economic assessment and EU wide replication potential (Roskilde, 23rd January 2013)

DTU Wind Energy together with IIT-Comillas is organizing a workshop that will focus on possible answers of the overall questions: how scalable and replicable are the TWENTIES results within the entire pan-European electricity system?

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TWENTIES Workshop focused on UK stakeholders. AC/DC Conference New!

From 4th to 5th of December 2012, the 10th IET International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission (ACDC 2012) was celebrated in Birmingham, UK. The main aims of the project, as well as the different demonstration project and work packages of Twenties were presented to the AC/DC power transmission sector.

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Live demonstration: Twenties helps the Faroe Islands integrate 24% wind power

A live demonstration and inauguration of the Fast Frequency Demand Response solution took place 22th November 2012 at the Faroe Islands. If a power plant fails or the wind turbines suddenly stops the solution can shed up to 10% of the peak power consumption in the islands to avoid a blackout. This can be done within a second without compromising the primary processes of the participating industries. The importance of the solution will be even greater now, where the Islands has decided to go from today 5% wind power to 24% in 2014. The solution is developed under DEMO 2 lead by DONG Energy in the Twenties project.

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Twenties attend FOREM 2012 in Bucharest, Romania

From 17th to 21st of June 2012, it was celebrated the WEC Central & Eastern Europe Energy Forum (FOREN 2012). Twenties project took part actively presenting an open discussion about Energy Markets and regulatory framework focus on the integration of renewables into the grids.

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Twenties attend Global Wind Day in Riga, Latvia

Last Friday 15th of June 2012, it was celebrated a Policy Workshop on Global Wind Day organized by EWEA in association with: Baltic Wind Park, the Latvian Association of Wind Energy and Kurzeme Business Incubator. Twenties project took part actively presenting an alternative future for energy system.

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2nd Period Twenties event

Madrid and Red Eléctrica de España have successfully hosted the second annual dissemination event of TWENTIES project, jointly with the 2nd General Assembly. Over three days, from the 4th to the 6th of June, members on TWENTIES demonstrate an added value based on assessable impacts.

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Download posters presented during the Dissemination event: Project overview | DEMO 1 (SYSERWIND)
DEMO 2 (Virtual Power Plants) | DEMO 3 (The DC Grid) | DEMO 4 (Storm Management) | DEMO 5 (NETFELX) | DEMO 6 (FLEXGRID) | WP15-16-17 (European impact)

EWEA 2012 Annual Event

From Monday 16 April to Thursday 19, in the Bella Center of Copenhagen, Denmark, experts from countries around the world had congregate at an international Conference and Exhibition in order to discuss the current situation of the wind sector, exchange the latest knowledge and forecast future actions for the year.

A TWENTIES Workshop titled “Unveiling the future energy system: full scale demonstrations to reach 2020 targets” took place in parallel. It included the following presentations:

Project Overview. Unai Búrdalo (Red Eléctrica de España)

Session 1: “Findings on how to assess the impact and benefits at National and EU level of the solutions proposed by TWENTIES”

Session 2 “Technological challenges to cope with in TWENTIES field tests”

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TWENTIES Workshop with electricity supply industry: INNOGRID 2020+ (Brussels, 23-24th February 2012) New!

InnoGrid 2020+, the European and Development Dissemination Seminar, ENTSO-E and EDSO for Smart Grids held a European R&D Dissemination Seminar on 23-24 February at ENTSO-E’s premises in Brussels.
The objective of the seminar was to inform on the updated ENTSO-E R&D Plan 2011 and to present Research Development and Demonstration activities of transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs) planned for coming years, and to provide an update on the recently launched GRID+ project that is FP7 project supporting the work of the European Electricity Grid Initiative.

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1st TWENTIES Workshop with ENTSO-E (Hamburg, 19th September 2011) New!

The first TWENTIES Worskshop with ENTSO-E took place in September 19th 2011 at Hamburg. The aim of this workshop was to spread the progress and goals of Twenties Project between all the members of the European Transmission System Operators.

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1st Period Twenties event

On 14-15th Semptember 2011 the General Assembly formed by representatives of the 26 TWENTIES's partners met in Copenhagen in order to discuss about the main issues covering the 1st year of project and further steps. In addition, the Steering Committee met with the Advisory Board after a poster session & workshop organised in a dissemination event open to relevant stakeholders.

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1st Twenties Workshop

The 1st Workshop of the European TWENTIES project was held in Brussels on the 27th April 2011. The objective of the workshop was to share and discuss with relevant stakeholders TWENTIES project approach and work in progress, for facing three major challenges regarding the massive RES development in the European power system: Contribution of RES and DER to system security, the development and reliable integration of an actual off-shore grid and the improvements on existing grid flexibility, to maximise the grid capacity for accommodating variable generation.

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