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Power Hub VPP demonstrations day: presentations

The Power Hub VPP demonstrations day, a key dissemination event within DEMO 2 lead by DONG, has been held in Copenhagen on the 24th January 2013.

The objective of the workshop was to present the full potential of the Virtual Power Plant technology. The future energy system must be able to control energy consumption in way that, firstly, satisfies the primary purpose of consumption, e.g. producing vegetables, pumping water or cooling office buildings etc., and, secondly, takes energy prices and the availability of clean renewable energy in the system into account. This is what the VPP does – planning energy generation and consumption in the most economical way feasible.

The workshop started with the welcome speech from Evert den Boer (Senior Vice President from DONG Energy). This was followed by Twenties Demo 2 lead, Mr. Anders Birke (DONG Energy), who presented the program for the day. He was followed by several presentations that can be downloaded through the following links:

“The challenges of integrating large amounts of renewable energy production”

"Power Hub"

“Live demonstrations of capabilities in Power Hub”

”Future perspectives”